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Car Rental


Investor Services

The Tfanis Company Is Pleased To Offer The Following Business Services .


  • Car rental with or with out driver
  • Airport transfer
  • Corporate Offices Or Villas
  • Cellphone / Mobile Charge Or Sim Cards
  • Personal hygiene products


218 91 678-422
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  • Internet connection
  • Plasma TV
  • Satellite reciver
  • Refrigerator
  • Air-conditioner
  • iphone (cisco) system

Featured Services

The hotel has the following services & facilities available at the disposal of the guest:

1servicesA Barber Shop in the hotel that provides barbing servicces, Laundry services at reasonable charges, a Money Exchange Office that exchanges hard and local currencies (Visa and Master Card are accepted).
A Business Centre which presents office services such as photocopying, e-mail services, computer services, printing, translation, taxi hire, mobile batteries charging, office rental, car rental, airline bookings, purchase of souvenirs, etc.
A Full safety system, comprising emergency exit doors, fire extinguishers, high water pressure fire hoses.
KONE elevators which are available in each Section, with one elevator specifically for the services.
A Standby Generator that comes into action, in the case of a cut-off of the public electricity current.

Conference Rooms

2ServicesThere are four conference rooms in the hotel.
Ghadamis Meeting Hall:  A multi-functional room located on the 8th floor of the Hotel, which can host different social occasions with a seating capacity of 60 to 75 persons, supplied with the necessary requirements. It features all contemporary services and facilities (buffet breaks, male and female's bathrooms etc.)
There are 3 additional meeting rooms, each with the capacity of 20 persons, for businessmen's   meetings, etc. These rooms are supplied with all facilities required for conferences and related meetings, such as the projector's monitor, the press conference panel, etc.
Furthermore, the conference rooms are equiped with safety means such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits, etc., in addition to the access to the internet.  
The hotel staff is ready to provide all dinning services (meals, drinks) and different sorts of entertainment to the guests in the meeting rooms while convening and during the meeting breaks.

Fitness Center

3Servicesan integrated facility located in the 8th floor, it could allow the guest to engage in physical exercises, getting use of the gymnasium and different fittness means supported by relevant specialists who are ready to respond to your requests.
The excercise room is well equiped with the exercise requirements including an electric massage chair, thread mills, bikes (3 different types), weight lifting, in addition to a TV.
The sauna unit is provided with a dry sauna, a massage gallery, a Turkish steam room, a Jaccuzi, a shower, a sink, a dressing room, and a TV.
The Cafe includes a small cafe bar that serves health drinks and an outdoor open air cafe that allows the guest to enjoy the beatiful scenery of the City Center, the Corniche of Tripoli and the Mediterranean Coast, etc. with an experienced staff ready to warmly welcome the guests and satisfy their needs.