Conference Rooms

There are four conference rooms in the hotel.

Ghadamis Meeting Hall:

A multi-functional room located on the 8th floor of the Hotel, which can host different social occasions with a seating capacity of 45 to 50 persons, supplied with the necessary requirements. It features all contemporary services and facilities (buffet breaks, male and female's bathrooms etc.)


Meeting room capacity of 60 - 70 people Equipped with everything you need in a conference room

There are 3 additional meeting rooms

each with the capacity of 20 persons, for businessmen's meetings, etc. These rooms are supplied with all facilities required for conferences and related meetings, such as the projector's monitor, the press conference panel, etc.


the conference rooms are equiped with safety means such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits, etc., in addition to the access to the internet. The hotel staff is ready to provide all dinning services (meals, drinks) and different sorts of entertainment to the guests in the meeting rooms while convening and during the meeting breaks.

Welcom to our hotel!

Our staff is ready to warmly welcome you at the Haroon Hotel with a personal touch and gracious acommodation at very affordable rates.

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